Can People See Your email on Discord – Let’s Find Out

With concerns about email privacy on Discord growing, it is important to understand the available privacy features so that you can utilize them well. In this guide, we will cover an overview of the concerns surrounding email privacy on Discord, such as whether people can see your email on Discord, and highlight the importance of understanding the privacy features offered by the platform.


Can People See your email on Discord?

No, people cannot see your email on Discord. Discord keeps your email address private as part of its privacy settings. Only you and Discord’s server administrators can access your email information for account management and security purposes.

Overview of privacy settings available on Discord

On Discord, you can customize privacy settings to manage your personal info and decide who can see your account. These settings give you more control over their online presence and email privacy.

  • Users can customize their profiles for extra privacy.
  • Discord provides an option to hide personal info.
  • Enable/disable the email showing option for more security.
  • Reviewing settings regularly is key for email privacy.

How to customize profile settings to enhance privacy

For greater privacy on Discord, users can customize their profile settings. This allows them to control the visibility of their personal info and protect their email.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into your Discord account and select the settings menu. Look for the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen.
  2. Click on the “Privacy & Safety” tab. You’ll see a list of options related to privacy.
  3. Customize your profile visibility. Hide your online status, disable direct messages, and control who can add you as a friend.
  4. Adjust email visibility. By default, only friends can see your email address. You can further customize this setting.


Review and update your settings regularly. This ensures high levels of privacy and security on Discord.

Enabling or disabling the email showing option on Discord

Also, you can adjust the privacy settings to your preferences by enabling or disabling the email showing option on Discord. If you enable it, your address will be viewable; if you disable it, it won’t be seen. This customization feature gives users full control over who can see their email.

It’s highly recommended that you regularly review and update this setting, depending on your comfort level with sharing personal information.

Maintaining a strict level of privacy settings is essential for guarding personal information. So, take charge of your data and ensure your peace of mind by enabling or disabling the email-showing option on Discord! If you don’t, you might end up regretting it.

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Ensuring email privacy when linking Discord with Gmail

Email privacy is a big worry for those who use Discord and link it with their Gmail. When linking, it’s best to secure your email address. Discord has privacy settings that can be adjusted for that.

In the profile settings, you can hide your email from view and choose whether it is visible. By disabling this option, you can add an extra layer of protection.


Keep track of any changes to the platform’s policies and features. That way, you can stay informed and maintain your email privacy.

Pro Tip: Pick a profile picture that doesn’t give away personal info. A generic or abstract image is great for protecting your email privacy.

For example, this is my profile picture of mine on Discord.


Controlling Who Can See Your Discord Account

When controlling who can see your Discord account, key considerations must be made. In this section, we’ll explore helpful information on the sharing screen feature, steps to control visibility during screen sharing, and the importance of maintaining strict privacy settings to safeguard personal information. With these insights, you’ll have the tools to determine who can access your Discord account and protect your privacy.

Steps to control who can see your Discord account during screen sharing

Just making sure that only the intended audience has access to your Discord account during screen sharing is essential. Follow these steps to guarantee safety and privacy:

  1. Open Discord Settings by clicking the gear icon at the bottom left of the app.
  2. Go to Privacy & Safety tab in the settings menu.
  3. Enable Screen Share Privacy.
  4. Select specific people or channels who can view your screen during shared sessions.
  5. Save changes.

It’s important to remember that protecting personal information is key to a safe online environment. To do this, make sure you have control over who can see your Discord account during screen sharing. An increasing concern about online privacy makes many more cautious about sharing information on platforms like Discord.


Can people see my email on Discord?

No, Discord does not disclose user email addresses. It has added an option to hide email addresses in profile settings to ensure user privacy.

How can I ensure my email remains hidden on Discord?

To ensure your email remains hidden on Discord, make sure to enable the option to hide the email showing and be cautious when streaming or sharing your screen, as that is an exceptional case where others can see your email.

In which case, can others see my email on Discord?

If you are a streamer or sharing your screen during a soccer match on Discord, viewers or friends may see the email you are using when you navigate to your account settings.

What is the “Keep me safe” option on Discord?

The “Keep me safe” option on Discord is a privacy feature that allows you to choose who can directly message you. Enabling this option will scan messages for spam and automatically remove them, helping to keep your Discord experience safe and secure.

Can Discord see my Gmail account?

Yes, Discord can see the Gmail account associated with your Discord profile. However, they can only access the Gmail information from your profile and not any other personal information associated with your account.

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