How to Combine Multiple Outlook Emails into One PDF- A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s digital rush, managing many emails can be hard. Whether you are one person or part of a big organization, combining multiple Outlook emails into one PDF is often needed. This article will teach you the steps to do this quickly and easily.

Emailing is an important part of professional communication. Sometimes, we must put many emails together into one file format, like for archiving or sharing as attachments. Converting these emails to PDF offers benefits. It preserves content and formatting and is compatible with different tools and devices.

To begin, you need Microsoft Outlook and a reliable PDF conversion tool. You can find these as applications or browser extensions. These tools connect to Outlook, allowing you to select emails or folders for conversion.

Once you have chosen emails, start the conversion in your PDF tool. This will generate a PDF document with the emails in order. This keeps the flow and context of the emails in the file.

Also, some PDF conversion tools have extra features, such as customizing page layouts, adding watermarks and page numbers, or encrypting the document for safety. These can be used to meet your specific needs.

How to Combine Multiple Outlook Emails into One PDF

Follow the below steps to combine multiple email messages into a single PDF file. The main requirement is you must have a PDF virtual printer. Usually, the latest Windows versions have the built-in PDF/XPS printer, or it comes with the Adobe PDF installation

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and select the emails you need. Use the Shift or Control key while selecting the email.
    SHIFT key will select all emails in between the selection, and the Ctrl key will select the individual emails.
  1. Go to the “File” tab and choose “Print”.
  2. In the Print dialog box, select a virtual PDF printer.
  3. Change any settings, e.g. page orientation or paper size.
  4. Click on “Print” to create a single PDF file.

It’s good to know that all formatting and attachments are kept this way. So, no information is lost during conversion. It’s a neat solution for archiving or sharing emails.

By following these steps, you can make multiple Outlook emails into one PDF. This is good for archiving important emails or sending multiple emails as one attachment.

Plus, turning emails into PDFs lets you open and view them on any device or system without losing formatting or attachments. It also makes it easy to print and share email content.

Convert Outlook Attachments to PDF File

We need to follow the same trick if you want to convert the email attachments to PDF files. 

Open the attachment from an email, select Print, and choose the virtual PDF printer. 


If you are not comfortable or this method is not working due to some issues (potentially outdated Windows OS), you can try some third-party add-ins to convert multiple emails to PDF. But we highly recommend using the above built-in feature for this purpose.

Adding additional add-ins may create other complex issues with Outlook later. You need a compatible add-in that gets frequent updates to match the Microsoft Office products.

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